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Vôa Professional VLine Launch!

Vôa Professional has officially arrived! A vegan, sulfate & paraben free hair line that is designed for all hair types, made right here in the United States. Ana Cristina Gomes, and her husband, Jamel, have been working on creating this luxurious product line for the last two years, with the official launch in January 2020.

Beginning with healing your hair from the inside out, Ana truly focused on creating a product line that is consumer friendly but still gives her clients the premium product they desire. Ana firmly believes that a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. She wanted to break away from the products that are watered down by big-box companies, and master a line that is concentrated and organic; a line she knows her clients desire and deserve. While the gorgeous packaging was focused on by her husband Jamel, creative director and business owner. Their creative minds worked together to create the sleek and modern black bottle look with the white and silver accents.

“Aside from the ingredients, we wanted to create a premium product that is more in line with Vôa’s level of service” Gomes explained.

From shampoos and conditioners to styling products, Ana has really perfected it all. Every product, Ana formulated on the perfect ingredients that were organic and would help promote healthy hair. Exoitic Amazon oil or Maracuja, Black Cacao, certified organic hair care blend of mallow flower, lemon peel, burdock root, and horsetail fern, and certified organic extracts, are just a few that make this line truly powerful and unique.

V|Line started with focusing on 3 shampoos and conditioner sets, that range for all hair types and can be used together.

The V|Smooth Shampoo and conditioner is gentle for the thinner hair types out there, that lifts residue without stripping essential moisture. Next would be the V|Deep Shampoo and conditioner pair that would control the most rebellious hair with its ultra-conditioning formula that provides unmatched shine and smoothness. Lastly, our curly girls are never forgotten with the V|Coils shampoo and conditioner that was made with them in mind. The V|Coils duo is designed to enhance curls and leave them with natural, carefree bounce.

While the shampoo and conditioners may be a huge hit of this premium hair line, the stylist products are nothing short of luxurious. With a fan favorite, V|Protect, a styling serum designed to protect and condition hair during heat styling with rich emollients from deep within the Amazon, the styling products have been extremely successful. Ana ensured each and every styling product included the heatwave technology or the strandguard complex. This pair of ingredients protects the hair from environmental factors that can fade color and delivers heat into the cortex of the hair shaft while protecting the cuticle.

Product knowledge and the background to develop this creation may be important, but the client feedback is truly what makes this line shine.

“My hair is thin and delicate and I always struggle to keep it healthy since I use hot tools often. I started using the V|Smooth shampoo and conditioner and my hair has never felt better,” a client of 7 years expressed.

Knowing the clients are seeing real and positive results from the V|Line speaks for itself. This high-quality hair product line launched just a few short months ago, and has already found incredible success.

As per the future? Ana and Jamel haven’t stopped here, this is just the beginning. The husband and wife duo are both passionate business owners and are always striving for more. Stay tuned for more incredible products coming your way!

We are extremely excited and proud to be the home to this amazing product line.

Vôa Salon and Studio Written by: Michelle Margolin

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