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Designed to protect and condition hair during heat styling with rich emollients from deep within the Amazon. This mystical potion tames the most unruly hair. As with the other products in the system, HEATWAVE TECHNOLOGY® works to protect hair during heat styling with heat-activated conditioners that replenish much needed moisture during the heat styling process. Amazon Oil® leaves hair soft, smooth, free-flowing and infused with shine.


• Versatile formula smoothes straight or curly styles.
• Heat-activated conditioners protect during heat styling. • Leaves hair soft and smooth with sparkle and shine.


Apply to wet hair prior to styling. For straightening; brush hair straight while blow drying. For curls, scrunch hair while drying with a diffuser.


The fragrance opens with luscious notes of Water Hyacinth surrounded by natural oils of Amazon Lemon. These delightful scents rest atop a bouquet of Amazon Orchid, A�ai Berry, and Priprioca. These vibrant notes wind into a sea of Brazilian Rosewood and Amazon Patchouli.

Top: Water Hyacinth, Amazon Lemon
Middle: Amazon Orchid, A�Ai Berry, Priprioca Base: Brazilian Rosewood, Amazon Patchouli


  • HEATWAVE TECHNOLOGY® works as a catalyst to deliver heat into the cortex of the hair shaft while

    protecting the cuticle. This allows the style to be set more deeply into the hair, providing long-lasting style retention. The heat transfer locks peptides and proteins to the hair’s S-bonds, effectively controlling the very structure of the hair shaft. Heat-activated conditioners and nutrients protect and soften hair during heat styling.

  • Exotic Amazon Oil® of Maracuja (Passion Fruit), Brazil Nut and Buriti provides hair essential lipids, oligopeptides and fatty acids. Rich in vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy hair.

  • Black Cacao, found only in the Venezuelan region of the Amazon and loaded with polyphenols, provides extensive antioxidant properties.

  • StrandGuard Complex® protects hair from environmental factors that can fade color and cause premature degradation of the hair structure.

  • Certified Organic Extracts add softness and shine.

  • Sulfate and Paraben-Free, Vegan formula.



4 fl oz


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