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Season Of Change

Here in New Jersey, we’re one of the lucky states that get to experience all four seasons.

As we approach the fall and the weather gets cooler, you may also be thinking about changing

your hair from its summer shade. Do you find yourself staring at the changing leaves a bit longer

than usual? Maybe you’re going on Instagram and Pinterest and saving the posts that feature

shorter, darker haircuts. Whatever it is you’re thinking of, our stylists are happy to help and are

here to share some of their favorite fall hair trends.

I sent out a text to all our stylists asking them about their current favorite fall trends they

see online and in the salon with their current clients and I got some amazing responses from all

of them!

Every single stylist I spoke to mentioned that one of their favorite trends in hair this

season is copper and red hair! All tones of red are in this season- Jenn said, “They always remind

me of fall leaves, pumpkins, and cooler weather!” Paula even mentioned how she’s been feeling

a bright yellow lately, and she’s been wearing it for the past few months. However, if you’re a

little scared to jump over to the warm side, Nicole mentioned that she is into doing cooler, ashy

blonde tones, and classic colors like a deep brunette or caramel are always in style! As always,

even with colder weather, make sure to wash color-treated hair with cool water and sulfate-free

shampoo to keep your hair looking as fresh as possible in between appointments.

When it comes to haircuts, curtain bangs are a big hit around the salon. Short bobs are

also in this season and most of our stylists are fans of combining the two! I’ve even fallen victim

to cutting a bob- Taylor chopped off some inches for me and I love how it looks even after it’s

started growing out. Shag cuts were also mentioned as a favorite style, as it adds movement and

texture to the hair. For those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to their length, big voluminous

waves were mentioned by Saliyah and Ana as a popular style they see on clients and online.

Another important factor to consider when the weather begins to change is how to

maintain your hair’s health. After a summer spent soaking up the sun, your hair may be feeling

like it needs a little extra TLC, especially when the temperatures start dropping to the 50s and


Every single one of our stylists recommended that during the colder months, moisturizing

your hair is one of the key elements to keep it healthy. Several stylists love combining our

V|Deep conditioner with V|Shine and leaving it to soak in their hair for 20-30 minutes, which

will leave your hair super moisturized and strong- especially for our curly girls! Jenn reminded

us to use less heat, and Taylor echoed her call to get regular trims about every 8 weeks to keep

our hair as healthy as possible. Another option to keep your hair moisturized is using our

leave-in conditioner, V|Magic, after washing the hair to lock in some extra moisture in a flash.

For those styling their hair with hot tools, our V|Protect and V|Mist thermal protector

were recommended by several stylists to keep ends looking fresh. Our ends have been through it

all with us and they need some extra special care if you’ve had a busy summer vacation!

As the summer dwindles down, Voa Salon & Studio is still as busy as ever! All of our

stylists have been hard at work to make sure every client loves their hair throughout the seasons,

and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of this year.

Vôa Salon and Studio

Written by: Louise Brum-Suchmacher

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