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New Year, New Start

Everyone could agree 2020 was a chaotic year. The world was faced with a global pandemic

and businesses from across the world were demanded to close down; some were able to

reopen and some unfortunately were forced to close indefinitely. Voa Salon and Studio was one

of the lucky ones, with reopening just after a 3- month closure from March to June.

As 2020 ended, businesses were excited to celebrate the New Year as a fresh start is desired.

Voa Salon and Studio is no different; the salon is focused on having a positive and successful


Ana Cristina always makes sure to allow her team a week off for the start of a new year as a

way to relax and reset their mindset. The team ends every year with a heavy schedule as

October to December is the busiest time of the year. 2020 was no different, as Voa Salon and

Studio ended the year with much success.

With January 6th, 2021 as the first day back since the New Year, the team came back to

celebrate a promotion. Nyasia Nicole Hill, who has been with Voa for 4 years, was promoted to

a level 3 stylist.

Nicole entered the salon that Wednesday with gorgeous flowers and her level 3 stylist certificate waiting for her. Nicole has been working towards her goals since the day she started at Voa Salon and Studio in 2016. Nicole has completed her Wella Master Colorist Prerequisites and all of her in-salon color and cutting classes. She completed her DevaCurl Certification in 2019 and specializes in curly hair cuts and color.

Nicole has a bright future at Voa Salon and Studio. With just receiving a promotion the week prior, she has already begun taking more in-salon classes with the owner, Ana Cristina, to further her education and growth. The entire salon and clients are eager to see what is next for Nicole!

The salon is also honored to have Taylor, the part time salon coordinator and full time assistant officially joined the team. Taylor is a level 1 stylist and graduate of UC Tech Cosmetology. She is working with Ana on apprentice cutting classes. Taylor attends in-salon classes as well as shadowing the advanced stylists in the salon. Taylor plans to continue to learn and grow as an assistant at Voa Salon and Studio and further her experience and career.

Moreover, the salon kicked off January with some packaging changes to their line from Voa Professionals. The creator of the line, Ana Cristina, took all the feedback she received in the last year since the original launch with grace, as she made this line for her clients and their hair types in mind. The packaging changed to a softer material for some of the conditioners, with the idea to make it a bit easier for the clients to handle it. The products themselves have not changed, as they have shown great success with the clients and their hair types.

From promotions to product changes, 2021 is already off to a great start. In honor of Voa Salon and Studio’s dedicated clients, the salon launched the New Year with a new special for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All clients who come into the salon for services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and receive a haircut or color service, will receive $25 off their gloss. The salon hopes this can help clients receive all the services they desire while getting an awesome sale in the meantime.

Furthermore, Voa Salon and Studio plans to continue their open communication with clients. Since reopening in June 2020, the salon has updated clients on regulations, guidelines, and procedures to keep their clients, stylists, and employees as safe as possible. They are dedicated to sending out emails to keep clients informed with any changes and continue to update clients at each visit. As per the original reopening date, June 2020, all regulations and guidelines have remained the same; following all capacity limitations, mandatory masks, temperature checks, health screening forms, sanitation before and after each client, and much more. Voa Salon and Studio has followed all state mandated regulations, including their own procedures to keep the salon effective and safe. For more information regarding their Covid-19 guidelines you can visit their website at

Voa Salon and Studio will celebrate 9 years open this June, and are staying positive in this crazy world we all live in. Stylists are focused on this year to be filled with growth and success, with the guidance of the boss, Ana Cristina. She is specifically focused on a positive and bright year with her stylists and clients. The bumps 2020 has brought to the salon and to this world, are not stopping them yet. 2021 may have just begun, but Voa Salon and Studio is ready for it.

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