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Salon Life During Covid-19

As Voa Salon and Studio, as well as many salons in New Jersey, approach the 5 month mark of reopening after the state wide shut down, they are still focused on providing premium services to their clients while following all state regulations and guidelines.

Sunday, March 15th 2020, Cranford Township demanded all non-essential businesses shut down due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and this was the start of over a 3 month closure for Voa Salon and Studio.

June 22nd, 2020 was the day that Voa could finally open their doors and see all of their clients again, a day they have been anxiously waiting for since March.

As the summer passed, and we all welcomed fall, Voa Salon and Studio continuously followed all state regulations and guidelines. Each person entering the salon, clients and employees, are required to wear masks during their entire visit at the salon.

Each employee is screened daily prior to work every morning by checking temperatures and monitoring their health. Each client is screened each time they enter the salon, by temperature checks, screening for any symptoms, where they have traveled to, and if they have been around anyone who had or may have had Covid-19.

The screening process isn’t just to keep the stylists and clients safe, but to remember they all have family members and friends at home, who need us all to take this seriously everyday.

The entire salon is cleaned throughout the day by staff, and a professional cleaning company is coming in to do a deeper clean as well. Each station is cleaned and sanitized before and after each client, as well as the products, hot tools, combs, brushes, and sinks.

“Every safety protocol was taken to maintain social distancing, extra cleaning and sanitizing measures, touch-less payment and tipping methods, temperature checks and masks. They take this pandemic very seriously. They understand it and know that getting you in and out in a timely manner matters. I felt very safe and comfortable.” said Linda P, a client of Voa Salon and Studio.

Voa Salon and Studio kept the safety and health of their employees and clients their number one priority, and they continue to focus on that daily.

Moreover, scheduling has been a huge aspect that has taken a new role at the salon. Each stylist is only scheduled with one client at a time, to accommodate social distancing guidelines and limiting the capacity of people in the salon at once. Voa Salon and Studio is focused on each client receiving the premium one-on-one time with each stylist at every visit.

Voa Salon and Studio have been looking forward to seeing all of their clients back in the salon, but have been excited to greet new clients during this time, and offer them the safe salon environment they have worked so hard to achieve.

“I was a little worried about getting my hair done but after entering the salon I realized I had NO worries. The customers were at least 6ft apart and the salon was so clean. After leaving any of the stations(hair washing) the entire area was disinfected. Great job! I definitely will come back and highly recommend your place.” reviewed a new client after their visit to Voa Salon and Studio during the pandemic.

Voa Salon and Studio prepares to use these regulations and guidelines for the future, as this time is full of uncertainty. Masks may be a mandated requirement, but Voa Salon and Studio feels they keep the beauty industry safer than ever, as they work closely to client’s faces. The salon feels they have learned sanitizing techniques and safety precautions that can only continue to better the service they strive to give each client.

“These guidelines have only helped us learn how to be as safe and healthy as possible. Knowing each person is getting screened daily before coming into the salon, reassures not only how serious this pandemic is, but how just taking a few extra steps can really create a completely safe and health-conscious salon and work environment” one of the stylists stated.

As many have said, no one can believe 2020 is coming to the end, with just four months left of this chaotic year. Voa Salon and Studio could not be more grateful for their employees, stylist, clients, and the new clients coming to see them during this time. They have felt support and love since the day the stay-at-home order was placed.

Voa Salon and Studio has focused on ways to support their clients in return and show their appreciation. For the second year in a row, in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Voa Salon and Studio is offering $25 pink extensions and donating all of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

“Last year we raised $600 and this year we hope to go above and beyond that. The owner, Ana Cristina, matched the amount we raised so we were fortunate enough to donate a total $1,200. In a time of uncertainty, it feels amazing to be able to donate to a great cause, and have a little fun by adding some pink to everyone’s hair” a stylist confirmed.

Voa Salon and Studio is focusing on all of their clients throughout the rest of the year by adding in a “Happy Hour Special”. This special allows clients who come into the salon, appointments booked between 5pm and 6pm, Thursday and Friday, to receive 20% off any double process color service.

This is just another way Voa Salon and Studio focuses on honoring their loyal clients who have helped them throughout this entire journey.

No one is sure what the future holds for the beauty industry, our country, and the entire world at this time, but Voa Salon and Studio hopes to be a positive light and provide a safe place for people to come pamper themselves during this chaotic time.

Vôa Salon and Studio Written by: Michelle Margolin

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