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Vôa Salon and Studio has had quite a busy 2021!

June marked an important month for all of us here at the salon, with June 1st being the 9

year anniversary of our opening and June 22nd being the 1 year anniversary of our reopening

post COVID-19 shutdown. We appreciate all the clients that have made this past year so great

for us even through ever-changing guidelines, restrictions, and unexpected difficulties. We truly

cannot thank you enough for all your support and understanding during these times. We’re

always smiling behind our masks!

June was also especially important for two of our stylists- Tina and Jenn, both level 4

stylists, celebrated their 10 year anniversary with Ana this month! Ana posted a heartfelt

message to both of them on Instagram, writing “Thank you for choosing to stay and never stop

inspiring me and your teammates for many years to come”. Congratulations ladies on such an

important milestone, and we cannot wait to see what amazing work you do with us in the future.

Moving on past anniversaries, we have some important announcements. As many of you

know, in January of 2020 we officially launched our line of Vôa Professional hair care products

and ever since then we have received great feedback from our clients. Today, we are proud to

announce that we have a new product available for sale, the V|Finish Flexible Hold Hairspray!

Our V|Finish Flexible Hold Hairspray is a dry, light hair spray developed to provide

medium hold and tremendous shine with unparalleled finishing benefits. The product was

designed to never flake, brush out easily, and resist humidity. We are so excited to be able to

share this product with you and hear your feedback. Ana and Jamel have worked hard to create a

hairspray that works for everyone and we hope you all enjoy using it just as much as our stylists


This past year, we realized now more than ever is when we need to have a strong sense of

community, which is why Vôa is honored to be the official salon of the Cranford High School

class of 2021. In addition to sponsoring the Cranford High School seniors, we have also donated

$500 to Cranford Family Care, a local organization dedicated to offering support to residents of

Cranford in the form of groceries and financial support.

We here at Vôa Salon and Studio have been so grateful for all of your support not only in

the past year, but the past nine years. Without you, we could not have made it this far and yet, we

still have so much further to go. We cannot wait to spend the rest of the year with you in person

at the salon and we hope that the second half of 2021 is even more memorable than the first!

Vôa Salon and Studio

Written by: Louise Brum-Suchmacher

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