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Voa Professional Online Store is Now Open!

Voa Professional had their official launch inside of Voa Salon and Studio in January 2020, but they are excited to announce the online store is now up and running!

Made right here in the United States, Voa Professional is a vegan, sulfate, and paraben free hair line, designed and created by Voa Salon and Studio’s owner, Ana Cristina Gomes and her husband Jamel Rankins.

As Voa Professional reached great success on the shelves at Voa Salon and Studio, the company has officially launched the online store at ​​.

Clients, as well as the public, are more than welcome to visit the online store at Voa Salon and Studio’s website to check out information about each product and make any purchases. The products will ship directly to the customer’s home.

“It’s an amazing feeling seeing clients try out all the products and see what works best for them. I know how excited they’ll be now that they can purchase products online.” One of the stylists stated.

With the launch of Voa Professional , in January 2020, the line began with three shampoos and conditioners that would accommodate all hair types, and nine styling products. The line’s best sellers are V Magic and V Shine, both products that can be used by anyone.

V Magic is a leave-in treatment that includes, but not limited to, detangles, repairs dry, damaged, and unruly hair, reduces breakage, and enhances the natural structure and body of hair. For the best use, apply to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning. Focus on targeting dry, damaged areas, such as the ends.

Moreover, V Shine is an exotic blend of Maracuja, Brazil Nut, and Buriti oils used for centuries to treat and conditioner hair. These lightweight oils add shine and leaves hair with a lustrous-smooth finish. The V Shine can be used on wet or dry hair, either prior to styling on damp hair or a small amount to add intense shine to finished styles.

While V Magic and V Shine are best sellers, the line is full of products that each client has found their favorite and what works best for them.

“​I absolutely love this product! It feels so light in my hair, unlike the pomades and hard waxes that weigh it down. I am able to style my hair just as I would any other product but it stays looking soft and full while still holding its structure” stated Kristina Feltz, a longtime client of Voa Salon and Studio once she tried out the V Wax.

The V Wax Spray gives dimensional texture and effortless volume. It gives the “perfect undone” look with just the right definition.

With the best sellers and the rest of the line reaching much success, Voa Professional soon added the V Cool Shampoo and Conditioner, and V Cool Intense Treatment Violet Hair Masque, which are a perfect fit for their blonde and silver clients.

The V Cool products have been a hit for the clients at Voa Salon and Studio, with clients loving to mix and match the V Cool line and still incorporating Voa Professional’s other shampoos and conditioners to their washes.

Each product of the Voa Professional line has their reason for being so special. Clients have loved coming in to their appointments and being able to try out products to see what works best for them. The salon is excited to give their clients numerous ways to now purchase their best-loved products.

Voa Professional could not be more excited to start this new chapter of their company’s journey and cannot thank each of their client’s enough for their support. Keep an eye out to see what’s in store next for the product line!

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